Kundabwika Falls,Kalungwishi River,Nkoshya,Zambia

Address -: Kundabwika Falls ,Kalungwishi River ,Nkoshya ,Northern Province ,Zambia

On the Kalungwishi River, 95kms from Mporokoso. Two small waterfalls, the main one being twenty five meters high and in the flood season , seventy meters wide. A revered shrine for local people. There is a traditional custodian appointed by the Chief who looks after the area. Locals believe that ignoring ritual and prayer at the falls brings about bad luck.

The Waterfall(s) is located at the latitude and longitude coordinates of -9.216667 and 29.3. Fishing enthusiasts interested in fishing near or at Kundabwika Falls should print out the Google map and take it with them on their fishing trip. This could be one of the best fishing or outdoors adventure locations in the regions of Africa/Middle East.

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