Kinuseo Falls ,British Columbia, Canada

Address -: Kinuseo Falls , Kinuseo Falls Access Rd, Peace River E, Tumbler Ridge ,British Columbia, Canada

Kinuseo Falls is a waterfall on the Murray River, which flows through the northern tip of Monkman Provincial Park in the Northern Rockies of British Columbia, Canada. The falls are located south of the community of Tumbler Ridge and northeast of the city of Prince George, though there is no road access from the Prince George side of the Rocky Mountains.
One of the most outstanding features in Monkman Provincial Park, the falls measure 197 feet (60 metres), slightly taller than Niagara Falls, though it doesn't move the same volume of water as Niagara. The falls are located 3 km from the Kinuseo Falls Campground, also in Monkman Provincial Park. There is a trail from the campground to the falls, though many people choose to drive to the falls. The campground is also a departure point for people making further explorations into the park along the Monkman Pass Trail.

One of the true gems of the Tumbler Ridge area is Kinuseo Falls. Featured in the 2015 fantasy hit The Seventh Son, Kinuseo Falls is  spectacular  Taller than Niagara Falls it showers over 40m3 of water a second at its peak season into the valley below, Kinuseo Falls is attached to a Monkman Provincial Park.

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