Kepler Cascades waterfall ,Wyoming, USA

Address -: Kepler Cascades waterfall ,Firehole River ,Southwestern Yellowstone National Park ,Old Faithful Village ,Wyoming, USA

Kepler Cascades is a waterfall on the Firehole River in southwestern Yellowstone National Park in the United States. The cascades are located approximately 2.6 miles south of Old Faithful. The cascades drop approximately 150 feet over multiple drops. The longest drop is 50 feet. The cascades are located very near to and visible from the Old Faithful to West Thumb road.

This waterfall was named in 1881 by the park superintendent P.W. Norris after Kepler Hoyt, the son of the Governor of the Wyoming Territory John Hoyt, who toured the park that year. Although that book showed a picture of the falls from the base of the largest of the drops you see pictured above, there was no sanctioned way down the steep cliffs to get there.This waterfall is probably the nearest one to the delightful Upper Geyser Basin, which included the Old Faithful Geyser and several other predictable geysers as well as colorful thermal pools and springs. And yet despite its close proximity to the very busy Old Faithful area, the falls curiously didn't have nearly as much fanfare.

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