Katoomba Falls ,New South Wales ,Australia

Address -: Katoomba Falls ,Kedumba River ,Katoomba ,Jamison Valley ,Blue Mountains National Park , New South Wales ,Australia

The Katoomba Falls is a segmented waterfall that is located close to Echo Point near Katoomba on the Kedumba River descending into the Jamison Valley located within the Blue Mountains National Park in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia.
Katoomba Falls is a gorgeously situated waterfall that you may saw. As this is the most scenic waterfall of the Blue Mountains.
For those looking for a walk involving more than simple boardwalk, this trail winding through the temperate rain forest could be just the thing. Katoomba Falls cannot fail to dazzle as they cascade down the cliffs, and the opportunity to stop for a quick cup of coffee in Katoomba Falls Kiosk makes this walk all the more memorable.
A tourist park with unpowered and powered camp sites and cabins is located near the head of the waterfall on Scenic Drive.

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