Kalandula Falls , Angola ,Africa

Address -: Kalandula Falls , Lucala River ,Kalandula, Malanje Province, Angola ,Africa

Kalandula Falls are waterfalls in the municipality of Kalandula, Malanje Province, Angola. On the Lucala River, the falls are 105 meters (344 feet) high and 400 meters (1,300 feet) wide.They are one of the largest waterfalls by volume in Africa.The distance from Luanda is 360 km.
The stream of this horseshoe shaped waterfall is divided into countless smaller trickles by the crevices and boulders at the rim of falls. As a result Kalandula Falls have their own, very special beauty, they differ from any other large waterfall of the world. The stream is eroding the cliff, large boulders and smaller rubble often falls down together with water.
The eternal vapour of falls has sustained a small oasis of rainforest around the river. In rainy period (February to April) this waterfall is especially impressive - then the stream becomes powerful, falls are up to 580 m wide. Mist of falls then is seen from afar.

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