Kaiate Falls,Welcome Bay ,Tauranga,New Zealand

Address -: Kaiate Falls, Upper Papamoa Rd ,Welcome Bay ,Tauranga, New Zealand

Kaiate Falls in Welcome Bay in Tauranga is a lovely place to visit.
Go up Welcome Bay Rd between Welcome Bay and Papamoa and turn off at Waitao Rd. From there it's less than 7km to Kaiate Falls Rd, which you follow to the end.
From the carpark the falls are hidden in a bush-filled ravine but initially you do get to see the great sight of Mauao in the distance.
There are a number of cascades at Kaiate Falls that you get to via a steepish track and sets of stairs.
The walk down isn't strenuous - although coming back up you may need to stop a few times if you are not as fit as you could be.
Your first set of waterfalls is a zigzagging trio of cascades that seemingly drop out of the clifftops from nowhere.
There is a bit of power coming from them but on a hot summer day there are places to plonk down in the cool waters.
Take along a picnic with you as the lower main waterfall is a stunning spot in which to chill out.
There is the waterfall pool, surrounded by flax-walled cliffs, or a really nice tree-shaded pool to choose from.
There are also a number of walking tracks where you can check out the local animals and flora.

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