Humboldt Falls ,Fiordland, Southland, New Zealand

Address -: Humboldt Falls ,Fiordland, Otago region, Southland, New Zealand

Humboldt Falls is a waterfall in New Zealand .Humboldt Falls is located in the Otago region , south-west of the country, 600 km south of the city's capital Wellington . The length of the Humboldt Falls is 279 meters above sea level.
The soil around the Humboldt Falls is usually a lot of mountains. Humboldt Falls is located in a valley giving north-south directions.The highest point around is it has 1,063 meters above sea level, 1.6 km east of Humboldt Falls. The area around the Humboldt Falls is almost uninhabited, with under 2 inhabitants per square kilometer.The closest major city is Milford Sound , 16.7 km west of Humboldt Falls. The plants around the Humboldt Falls are almost everywhere in the forest. In the region around Humboldt Falls, ice, and ice are unusual. 
The track to Humboldt Falls begins from Hollyford Road. In order to get to Hollyford Road, turn from the Milford Road. The trail back from the falls is about half an hour while it is 600 m long. The track is graded well and allows someone to climb easily in order to get a good view from the falls.

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