Helmet Falls ,British Columbia, Canada

Address -: Helmet Falls, Kootenay National Park ,British Columbia, Canada

Helmet Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The headwaters of Helmet Creek come gushing out of the Washmawwapta Icefield, and almost immediately plunge over 1000 feet to the valley below. The falls actually consist of two streams fed by three separate glaciers which merge at the top of the falls to form the main plunge. A second segment of the falls is produced by a seasonal subterranean stream which is fed by two of the three glaciers where water sinks into cracks and caves in the limestone bedrock.
Start climb early in the morning a moderate climb up Wolverine Pass and along the Rockwall Pass which is easy with nice views and fairly clear skies. Here a cabin on the right side of the track, although topo map showed it on the left. Limestone Pass next which again is a moderate climb and great views of the Rockwall. A long downhill to Helmet Falls with glimpses of the 1200 ft. falls along the way - the noise increasing the closer you get. After setting up camp you can walk the kilometre or so to the base of the falls, as you will be more comfortable in a larger group as there are bear charging some hikers  some time or as earlier on this track happened. you can enjoy the sun and security of his lofty vantage point. The walk to the very base of these huge falls is well worth the effort. 

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