Hedge Creek Falls ,Dunsmuir, California ,USA

Address -: Hedge Creek Falls , Shasta Cascade area ,Dunsmuir, California ,USA

Hedge Creek Falls is a waterfall on hedge creek, in the Shasta Cascade area in Dunsmuir, California. There is a small cave located behind the waterfall, allowing visitors to walk behind the cascading water. Shortly after the waterfall, hedge creek flows into the Sacramento River south of Mossbrae Falls. There is a viewing platform over the river, with a view of Mount Shasta. Access to the waterfall and viewing platform is via a short hiking trail. The trail starts at a small park off the Dunsmuir Ave/Siskiyou Ave exit on Interstate 5.The close proximity to Interstate 5, makes the waterfall a very popular stopping point for passing motorist.
Hedge Creek Falls is located on the southernmost tip of a pre-Pleistocene lava flow from Mount Shasta. Thousands of years of erosion, mostly from the freezing and thawing of water trapped in cracks on the basaltic face, has resulted in the sheared appearance at the face of the falls. The cave behind the falls is a normal occurrence in thick lava flows and not the result of splashing water. The water in Hedge Creek Falls comes from the massive aquifer resultant of several volcanic occurrences and not from the glaciers found on Mt. Shasta. Although small, Hedge Creek Falls is full of beauty and awe. Its single crest, or lip, is reminiscent of its larger sister, Bridalveil Fall, in Yosemite.

The path to Hedge Creek Falls begins at a small picnic area that is situated just across the road from the parking area. There is a table, gazebo, water fountain (only operational from late spring to fall) and some displays about the area. The whole area is perched right on the edge of the canyon above Hedge Creek. The trail departs the picnic area and descends at a very moderate grade. It immediately crosses over a small stream that has been rerouted under the trail through a culvert. The creek may or may not be flowing. The one drawback to the trip to Hedge Creek Falls is the presence of poison oak and this area has the highest concentration of the obnoxious plant. As the trail proceeds, it traverses the increasingly steep slope of Hedge Creek’s canyon. Soon the path reaches a switchback and the falls and its creek become audible. The trail continues downhill for only a few dozen yards before reaching another switchback. The grade levels off as the trail soon arrives at the waterfall.

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