Haew Su wat Waterfall, Mu Si ,Pak Chong ,Thailand

Address -: Haew Su wat Waterfall, Khao Yai National Park, Mu Si ,Pak Chong ,Thailand

Haew Suwat boasts breathtaking streams of water freefalling over a roughly 20-metre-high ledge into a circular pool. Broad branches reach over the falls and plenty of smooth boulders make it easy to sit and soak in the scenery. Countless butterflies flutter here during the rainy season, when Haew Suwat is at its best. Though not as dramatic during the dry months, the falls remain picturesque throughout the year. 

Swimming and cliff jumping are prohibited here at all times; some visitors ignore these rules but the water crashes with significant force during the rainy season and there have been injuries. The local crocodile population makes it unsafe to swim anywhere along the river.

Complete with a large car park, restaurant and platform where you can look down on Haew Suwat from above, the falls are located at the end of a 100-metre trail and stairway passing towering trees and bamboo groves. Haew Suwat draws throngs of visitors during peak times of year, especially late in the afternoon when many tour companies stop here to finish off their day trips.

The side road to Haew Suwat is clearly marked off the main road through the park, a few kilometres south of the visitor centre. Otherwise you can get here via a three-kilometre trail from Pha Khluai Mai campground or an eight-kilometre hike from the visitor centre.

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