Great Ravine Waterfall,Saint Joseph,Reunion Island

Address -: Great Ravine Waterfall, Saint-Joseph ,South Reunion ,Reunion Island ,Indian ocean ( Near Africa)

It is located in Saint-Joseph ,South Reunion ,Reunion Island ,Indian ocean 
( Near Africa) and also known as Route de Grand Galet .Cascade Langevin is superb cluster of waterfalls emptying into a common basin. The only peril involved to witness this marvel is navigating the really steep road to reach it. The road follows the Riviere Langevin for 9km after turning off the N2 in Langevin (roughly 4km east of St. Joseph). The road follows the river up into the heavens and there are several spots along the way where it is possible to pull off and jump in the river for a refreshing swim.

You cross the river a few times over bridges (at least one is a single track, so be cautious!), and there was a fair amount of traffic. The Lonely Planet guide forewarns this is a popular weekend destination for locals, so probably much worse then. In spite of twists and traffic, the roadway is visually charming as it winds through small villages and past groves of lychee, avocado and banana trees. Beyond the falls is a small village where the road dead ends, but it does afford a convenient spot to turn around.

There is also a nice waterfall just below Cascade Langevin (Trou Noir, signposted) that also attracted some swimmers. That, however, pales in comparison to the main event. Cascade Langevin is phenomenal – there are four large and several smaller waterfalls spilling into the same pool, each seeming to gush straight out of the mountain side.

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