Grand Bassin Waterfalls, Grand Bassin, Reunion Island

Address -: Grand Bassin ,Waterfalls ,Grand Bassin , La Plaine des Cafres ,Reunion Island 

Situated slightly upstream of Bras de la Plaine, Grand Bassin is an isolated islet in a mini-cirque surrounded by imposing ramparts. Sometimes nicknamed Little Mafate, this great hiking classic of Reunion Island, a jewel of highland heritage, allows visitors to plunge back into the past and take a journey through time and yet timeless. This unusual islet is only accessible on foot, via a path almost 4.5 km long with a height difference of 650 metres descending to the village of Grand Bassin. In summer, it’s very nice to continue the hike to the pool and the Voile de la Mariée waterfall which you can admire at the numerous viewpoints marking the descent towards the islet. Cooling off in the pool at the foot of the waterfall is a reward highly appreciated by hikers before the difficult ascent to Bois Court. In the Grand Bassin valley you’ll find numerous endemic bird species: Papangue, pink bill, tec-tec, paradise flycatcher, and Mascarene petrel, classified in the category of species on the way to extinction. Grand Bassin is its only nesting site. It has provided the subject for a local legend, the legend of Timise: attracted by the light, it was once mistaken for a vagabond spirit who would brush sniggering past night walkers equipped with an oil lamp. It was also believed to carry off children at nightfall. One of the cries attributed to it is indeed often confused with the groans of children. If you’re not frightened by the legend of the Timise, and you want to enjoy a long swim at the waterfall and soak up the "timeless" atmosphere of Grand Bassin, we recommend you spend the night in one of the gîtes nestled in the heart of the islet.

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