Furebergfossen Waterfall ,Mauranger, Norway

Address -:  Furebergfossen Waterfall ,Aenes ,5476 Mauranger, Norway
Furebergsfossen ,is a waterfall in Kvinnherad municipality in Hordaland County. The waterfall is located in Furebergselva , at the mouth of the Maurangsfjord . It is located on Highway 551, which runs from Odda to Årsnes ferjekai. The waterfall is steep and has a large fall.

Furebergsfossen, also called Furubergfossen or Furebergfossen .The river Furebergselva is being fed by melted water from the glacier Flogefonna. The water drops down over a height of 150 meter but the visible part is only 98 meter high (measured with a laser height meter) . After a warm period or in the summer the capacity of the river expands and results in a very powerful Furebergsfossen.
 With a wide of 70 meters .Its one of the widest waterfalls in Norway. Maybe the Aednafossen is a little bit wider; 100 meters.
Because the water directly falls into the Maurangsfjorden en the road lies directly at the fjord it is hard to find a good spot to view. Best place is on the bridge in front of the fall, but you will get wet. From the bridge you will photograph towards the east-southeast. In the morning you will look into the sun so the best time to visit Furebergsfossen is late in the afternoon or just before sundown when the light is perfect.

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