Emperor Falls ,British Columbia ,Canada

Address -: Emperor Falls ,Robson River ,Mount Robson Provincial Park, Fraser-Fort George H ,British Columbia ,Canada

Emperor Falls is the largest and best known waterfall on the Robson River in Mount Robson Provincial Park. It is located a short distance downstream of and southwest from the outlet of Berg Lake.
The falls stand about 150 feet high, 5300 ft above sea level. After dropping over the edge of the cliff the water strikes a ledge just under halfway down, this causes the formation of a roostertail which produces a large amount of spray.
To get to the falls, you hike along the Berg Lake trail for approximately 15 km, during which time you will gain about 2500 feet of elevation.
The trail climbs gradually alongside the Robson River (a tributary of the Fraser River) for 4.2 kilometres (2.6 mi) before reaching Kinney Lake. After crossing a steel bridge at the end of Kinney Lake, it is just 2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi) to the Kinney Lake campground. After leaving the Kinney Lake campground the trail climbs and then descends a small bluff. After descending the bluff the trail splits for less than a kilometre, giving the hiker the option of traversing the flats, which is not recommended in the early summer because of high water, or continuing on in the forest. At the end of the Kinney Lake flats the trail starts climbing up to the Valley of a Thousand Falls. After several kilometres the trail crosses the Robson River on a suspension bridge and enters Whitehorn campground at the 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) mark. After leaving the campground the trail eventually crosses a second steel bridge. At this point the trail starts a steep climb with numerous switchbacks. Over the next few kilometres, the trail passes White Falls, Falls-of-the-Pool and Emperor Falls.

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