El Limon Waterfall, Samana, Dominican Republic

Tucked away in surprisingly rough landscape, surrounded by peaks covered in lush greenery, is the 52m-high El Limón waterfall. A beautiful swimming hole at the bottom can be a perfect spot to wash off the sweat and mud from the trip here, though it’s often too deep and cold for a dip.

The Waterfall of Cascada El Limon is located about 20 Kilometers from the Town and Port of Samana. There is a Restaurant located right at the entrance of the beginning of the trail. The Waterfall itself is very secluded and accessible only by Hiking (30 to 45 minutes) or by Horseback riding (15 minutes). The landscape surrounding the region of the falls is picturesque. Small houses are painted in vivid colors and made from locally available materials such as palm wood and thatch. The area is predominantly agricultural, with home gardens and vegetable plots bordering plantations of banana, cacao, coffee and coconut. In the rainy season between May and November the trail can get pretty muddy and wet, so wearing good shoes and bringing rain gear is recommended. The Waterfall is about 40 Meters tall and falls into a nice natural pool of cool waters below, so be sure to bring your bathing suit to enjoy a refreshing swim.

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