Drift Creek Falls ,Lincoln County, Oregon ,USA

Drift Creek Falls isn't a huge waterfall but it is pretty and can be fairly impressive during certain periods of the year. The unofficially named North Fork of Drift Creek flumes through a short bedrock sluice then plunges 66 feet over the side of a gorge wall into the Drift Creek proper. The Forest Service constructed a very leisurely trail to the falls in the 90s, which features a 250 foot long suspension bridge crossing Drift Creek adjacent to the falls that provides easy access to the opposite side of the gorge and the base of the falls.

In August of 2010, a huge chunk of the Drift Creek Falls cliff cleaved off and fell into the canyon below, drastically altering the appearance of the falls. It's possible that the height of the falls has also changed, given the amount of debris which now lines the streambed below.

Drift Creek Falls is an unexpected hike. It's definitely worth the drive despite its location deep in the coastal range. Located just outside of Lincoln City off of Highway 101 or Highway 18, you can reach the trailhead after a 9- or 12-mile journey (depending on the direction you're coming from) down some very windy forest roads and through some unsightly regional clear-cut forests. 
This relatively easy hike has three unique chapters. In the first you wind your way down to Drift Creek, passing through 50-year-old second-growth Douglas and grand fir while salmonberry and red elderberry encloses the trail near the creek’s banks. The second chapter and main destination is the crossing of a 250-foot suspension bridge where you'll have a dramatic glimpse of the 75-foot waterfall from above. The final chapter is a return to the trailhead via the North Loop. This route will take you through an old-growth forest of Douglas fir, western redcedar and Sitka spruce that will give you a deeper appreciation for the clear-cut and reforestation process.
Best time to visit -: Winter, Spring, Summer