Desoto Falls ,North Georgia ,USA

Address -: Desoto Falls , Near Helen ,Mentone ,North Georgia ,USA

DeSoto Falls is a 104-foot (32 m) waterfall located on the West Fork of the Little River near Mentone, Alabama, in DeSoto State Park. The falls have carved their own small canyon. They are named after Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto.
Located just off the Lookout Mountain Parkway, the waterfall is reached via a paved 
pathway that leads a few hundred yards from the parking lot down to the railed overlook. 
The upper falls can be seen by visitors of all abilities, but the lower or main waterfall 
requires a walk down concrete stairs to the overlook.

More than 100-feet high, DeSoto Falls has been a landmark for thousands of years. 
Native Americans frequented the falls long before the arrival of the first European 
explorers who, if old legends are to be believed, may have come here long before 
Columbus first set foot in America.

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