Chisimba Falls,Chilubula Mission,Kasama,Zambia,Africa

Chisimba Falls is a waterfall located in Zambia. It is part of the Luombe River, which runs 7.2km from the Chilubula Mission in Kasama District.
Location directions: Drive from Kasama center on the M3 westbound for about 25km approx, then take the junction to the D20 road. After 11km on the D20 follow the sign "Chishimba Falls 700m - National Monument" to the left. A hydro-electric power plant (owned by ZESCO) is located above the falls

The stunning Chishimba Falls, a series of three waterfalls, two natural and one formed by a small hydro-electric power station. The main falls are the furthest from the entrance and are an impressive torrent of water tumbling into a deep canyon, thought to be inhabited by spirits. There are walkways and thatched picnic spots all around the site, as well as a campsite near the entrance.To get here, take the Luwingu Rd west of Kasama. After 25km there is a gravel road to the right heading to Mporokoso. The falls are signposted 10km down this track. Minibuses headed for Mporokoso can drop passengers at the turn-off to the falls, from where it’s about a 1km walk to the car park.
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