Celestial Falls, Maupin, Oregon, USA

Address -: Celestial Falls , White River Rd, Maupin, Oregon 97037, USA

Celestial Falls is the second step of the major falls of the White River, and was formerly considered to be part of White River Falls itself. The falls drop 41 feet over a uniform ledge, plunging into a large pool at the base of the formation, with White River Falls visible just 180 linear feet upstream. The falls feel oddly out of place in the gently undulating foothills on the east side of the Cascades near the town of Maupin. The White River originates on Mount Hood some 40 miles upstream, gathering lots of smaller tributaries as it rolls downhill towards its confluence with the Deschutes River. By the time it reaches the Tygh Valley its a fairly substantial river. Tygh Valley happens to be where the river intersects the plateau-like flood basalts that layer practically all of eastern Oregon and the resulting two-stepped waterfall serves as a harsh transition from peaceful farmlands on one side to a twisting, geologically storied canyon on the other. 

The falls being situated in an agricultural area resulted in it being harnessed for both hydroelectric production and irrigation use in the past. Upstream from White River Falls is the remnants of the diversion structures, which continue to redirect the majority of the river toward the old intake system for the now defuct hydroelectric plant located near the base of the falls. This causes much of the river to spill over a portion of White River Falls in a way which it would not naturally, however it has no impact on Celestial Falls itself.

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