Bowen Falls ,Fiordland, Southland, New Zealand

Bowen Falls is the first major waterfall that you encountered while visiting the famous Milford Sound. you feel inclined to give this waterfall its own write-up because there is a trail that left from the Milford Sound wharf and ended up right at the base of this majestic 161m waterfall (said to be the tallest permanent waterfall in the fiord).
The Bowen fall is on the Bowen River .River is in northern Fiordland, New Zealand. The river originates near Mount Grave and is joined by many small streams on its way south through the valley. After close to 9 kilometres (6 mi), the river plunges from the hanging valley over the 162-metre (531 ft) Lady Bowen Falls and drains into the head of Milford Sound. The falls are named for Diamantina Bowen, wife of George Bowen, the fifth Governor of New Zealand.
The falls provide electricity for the Milford Sound settlement by feeding a small hydroelectric scheme, and are also the water source for the settlement.

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