Bloomfield Falls ,Queensland, Australia

Address -: Bloomfield Falls , Bloomfield River ,Cape Tribulation ,Daintree National Park ,Queensland, Australia

The Bloomfield Falls is a cascade waterfall on the Bloomfield River near Cape Tribulation, close to Wujal Wujal, that is located in the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Daintree National Park in Queensland, Australia.
The walk to picturesque Wujal Wujal (or BloomfieldFalls is a short stroll down a rocky path to a viewing point for the falls. ... Swimming is not advised due to the possibility of crocodiles in theBloomfield River below the falls and Aboriginal cultural concerns.
This is an easy 30 min return path walk of less than 1 km.
There is a place of great significance for the Kuku Yalanji people who have lived here for thousands of years, and although you can see the falls unaccompanied, the 30 min. tours , traditional custodians of the area, will open your eyes to the surroundings and give you a better understanding of this beautiful area.

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