Bassin des Aigrettes, Saint-Paul ,Reunion Island

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Bassin des Aigrettes ,Ravine Saint-Gilles ,Saint-Paul ,Reunion Island 

The Egrets Basin is a water point of the island of Réunion , Overseas department French in the southwest Indian Ocean . Powered by waterfalls , it is located in the course of the ravine Saint-Gilles , a river that flows into the Indian Ocean , downstream of the Malheur basin and upstream of the Cormoran basin . In doing so, it falls within the territory of the municipality of Saint-Paul .

At Saint Gilles, towards the Pointe des Aigrettes, take the road to Saint Gilles les Hauts. At 4 km from the 4 lanes, a small car park accommodates ten cars.The pool is located on the road to Saint-Gilles les Hauts, about 500 m after the outdoor theater, on the right. A snack bar and a small car park (and certainly a few dozen parked vehicles along the road) tell you to stop. It is possible from this point to visit the Cascade des Aigrettes, the Cormorant Basin or the Bassin Malheur.Very nice view of the fall since the hike from Moulin Kader. 

Easy access even if it is sometimes necessary to wet the feet or to enter tunnels. The water has beautiful turquoise, green or blue colors.Although not recommended, swimming is common

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