Basin La Paix ,Bras-Panon ,Reunion,South Africa

Location -: Basin La Paix ,Bras-Panon ,Reunion Island ,India ocean ,South Africa

The basin Peace is a water point of the island of Reunion . Powered by several waterfalls , it is located about 50 meters above sealevel on the course of the river of the Rocks , a coastal river that flows into the Indian Ocean . It is located on the border of the communes of Bras-Panon in the west and Saint-Benoît in the east.
The basin is mainly fed by the waterfall of the river of Roches , as well as by two accessory waterfalls and a torrent. It is made of basalt , with a large level of folded basaltic organs .

A blissful site is Bassin La Paix, in the Rivière des Roches valley, about 2.5km west from Bras-Panon (it's signposted). From the car park, a path quickly leads down to a majestic waterfall tumbling into a large rock pool. It's an ideal picnic spot. For a more off-the-beaten-track experience, you can continue upstream to Bassin La Mer, another cascading delight that can be reached on foot only. The start of the trail is at the end of the car park. It's an enjoyable (though exposed and hot) 40-minute walk. Reward yourself with a dip in the swimming holes at the bottom of the falls.
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