Baker Brook Falls ,Newfoundland ,Canada

Address -: Baker Brook Falls (Middle fall) ,Bonne Bay ,Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland ,Canada 

This 10km trail leads you through balsam fir forest to Baker’s Brook Falls, a series of cascades over limestone ridges. The forest is in several stages of regeneration, recovering from the natural effects of winds and insects. Heavy moose browsing has limited its regrowth in many places. At the riverside, follow the trail downstream to a viewpoint over a wide step-like water falls.
There are actually 3 waterfalls. Each has its' own viewing area. The first falls you come to is the smallest. The middle falls is the most impressive. There is a steep stairway to get to a viewing area. Continue on to the lower falls. From that viewing point you can see both the lower and middle falls.

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