Avdalsfossen waterfall ,Ardal, Norway

Address -: Avdalsfossen waterfall ,Ardal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Avdalsfossen is a little bit further into Utladalen and can be reached by following the path along the river Utla. On your left hand Avdalsfossen shows up after 20-25 minutes. The water of the Slufsedøla en de Gravdøla drops down in a single drop over 175 meter and is fed by melted snow from the mountain range Hurrungane.
Avdalsfossen is named after the farm Avdalen Gard that goes back to the 16th century. Avdalen Gard is a beautifully situated mountain farm up at Avdalsfossen. The farm and the cultural landscape has been restored back to former glory, and is now available for the public. At Avdalen Farm you find a summer cafè and accommodation to sleep. Just after Avdalsfossen you see the sign for Avdalen Gard. More information about Avdalen Gard can be found on the official website of Avdalen Gard.

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