Winifred Falls, Royal National Park ,Australia

Address -: Winifred Falls, Royal National Park ,Near Sydney ,Australia

Winnifred Falls are located approximately 40km South East of Sydney's CBD, in the heart of the Royal National park. 
To get to the Falls, head to Warumbul Road which is just off of Sir Burtram Stevens Drive. The Falls can be found a the bottom of the Winnifred Falls Fire Trail which begins a couple of hundred metres down Warumbul Road on the right hand side. Depending on the weather, parking is usually pretty easy and is best either side of the road in one of the clear ditches. 
The walk to the falls is approximately 1 km and took us around 1 hour in total, not including  swim. The track starts out quite flat before beginning the gradual decent down to the falls. There is one point that is quite steep but certainly manageable for all age groups. Once at the bottom, you will hear the sound of the falls to your left. There are a number of different options for climbing down to the falls area. 

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