Websters Falls ,Ontario, Canada

Address -: Websters Falls ,Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Webster's Falls, noted for its panoramas, is a 22 metre high classical curtain/ plunge waterfall found in the Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Conservation Area in Hamilton, OntarioCanada

This waterfall was originally known as Dr. Hamilton’s falls, after Dr. James Hamilton purchased the land in 1818. (He was also the first president of the Canada Life Insurance Company as well as medical officer for the Great Western Railway.) The waterfalls and 78 acres of the surrounding land were purchased  by Joseph Webster after his family arrived from England in 1820. According to the Hamilton Conservation Authority (the current owner), the Webster family manor still stands on Webster’s Falls Road, and their gravestones have been preserved in a small section just off the Bruce Trail, on the way to Tews Falls.

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