Waterfall La Cascade ,Ivory Coast ,Africa

Address -: Waterfall La Cascade ,forest of Mount Tonkoui ,Man ,Ivory Coast ,Africa

One of the loveliest waterfalls in the Republic of The Ivory Coast (or as it insists the world should call it “Cote D’Ivoire“) is “La Cascade” which is quite a fitting name since it simply translates from french as “The waterfall”.  “La Cascade” (or “Les Cascade”) is located in the western part of the country just a few hundred meters on the road to Tonkoui (on the west outskirts of  “Man”). The Town of Man itself is located 2 hours drive from the boarders cross with Guinea and Liberia. Recovering from violent instability Man is a place that many hikers are rediscovering, there are two Mountains overlooking Man – Mt.Tonkoui and Mt.La Dent de Man.

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