Wangi Falls ,Northern Territory ,Australia

Address -: Wangi Falls , Wangi Creek , Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory ,Australia

Wangi Falls is one of Litchfield’s most popular and easily accessible attractions. It is open all year round; however swimming is not always possible due to water levels. This place is simply magic in the Wet Season!

The Wangi Falls Walk (start at the Wangi Plunge Pool) is approx 1.6km return, 1 hr in duration, level (moderate, however steep in sections). This walk is to the top of the falls and offers a great opportunity for photography.
Wangi Falls ("Wangi" rhymes with "wrong guy") was an attractive set of dual waterfalls sitting at the far western end of Litchfield National Park.
In the afternoon, you can enjoy backlighting from the warmth of the waning afternoon sun thanks to the falls being west-facing.So the cliffs were glowing an orangish color contrasting the deep blue skies and the dark plunge pool.
Fresh water crocodiles are still a risk to all bodies of water around the falls.
So please confirm first before you try to swim in the pool.

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