Wachirathan Falls , Chom Thong ,Thailand

Address -: Wachirathan Falls , Chom Thong ,Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wachirathan Falls are waterfalls in the Chom Thong district in the province of Chiang MaiThailand.
Doi Inathon National Park is located in the North of Thailand, not too far away from Chiang Mai and it is named after the highest peak of Thailand, Doi Inathon. The park is home to several waterfalls and one of them is Wachirathan Falls. It is segmented but has an overall height of 80 meters. In the wet season it becomes a roaring monster, covering the whole area in its mists. But even in dry season, when you will be there, it makes for a very impressive sight

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  1. Mae Ya Waterfall was definitely one of the better waterfalls we saw in Thailand, and it seemed to us to be the pride of the Chiang Mai province. https://doubletakesblog.com/2018/06/chiang-mai-doi-inthanon-local-guide.html It certainly surprised Julie and I with its enormous size, which our guide said was about 260m tall and up to 100m wide (though I've seen more modest claims that its height was more like 40m).

  2. yes you are its not 260m tall


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