Tortum Waterfall ,Erzurum, Turkey

Address -: Tortum Waterfall ,Çağlayan Mahallesi, Erzurum Artvin Yolu, Çağlayanlı Köyü/Uzundere/Uzundere/Erzurum, Turkey

Tortum Waterfall is a waterfall formed by closing the front of the Tortum Stream due to landslide that formed in a mountain in the west of today’s Balıklı Village, in the middle of the 1700s. The Tortum Waterfall is formed by spilling from over the landslide mass that is between the Tev Valley of the Tortum Lake and the northern tip of the lake. The Tortum Waterfall passes over layers of resistant limestone near the stream. It flows over from a width of 22 meters and a height of 48 meters. Falling waters bring into being rainbow at the top side and huge pothole at the under side. This waterfall is also a natural monument. It is located in the Uzundere town of Erzurum.
There is a picnic area for the visitors the area where the waterfall is located and a viewing balcony with iron guardrail on the stairs that descend immediately below the waterfall. By following the stairs, you can go down of the waterfall and following the stairs on the other side to go up. The waterfall wets the balcony viewers in the spring months. 

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