Tham Phra Waterfall ,Bueng Kan,Thailand

Address -: Tham Phra Waterfall ,Sok Kam, Seka District, Bueng Kan ,Thailand

Tham Phra waterfall is one of the beautiful falls located in the Phu Wua wild life sanctuary about 40 kilometers from Bung Khong Long. It can be reached by boat, taking about 15 minutes the route passing Nam Ning brook. On both sides of the falls are verdant thick forest, some parts is stone cliff with an abundant flower display.Alighting from the boat it is a short walk to view the falls. There are two statues of Buddha at the rim of a red sandstone cliff. There used to be a temple on this spot but it was moved in order to open this area for visitors. Steps take you up to the top where the water flows into the shallow pond beneath. Near the waterfall is the remarkable red sandstone cliff, the symbol of the northeast. This is a great spot for swimming, playing in the water or just relaxing and enjoying the natural surroundings.

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