Tad yuang waterfall ,Tad Yuang ,Laos

Address -: Tad yuang waterfall ,Tad Yuang ,Champasak ,Laos ,Near Thailand

Tad Yuang is impressive, with its twin torrents falling about 40 meters and flowing into lush jungle. It’s hugely popular with day-trippers from Pakse and Thailand who like to picnic at the top, so getting there early or lingering until dusk after the crowds have cleared out is a good idea. It’s ok to swim at the bottom. 
the view to Tad Yuang is up close and personal. In dry season, it is possible to walk down and take a dip in the pool. Use extreme caution when walking on the stairs and pathway which are constantly slick and muddy from the mist. Though the falls themselves remain untouched and natural, the entrance to Tad Yuang is quite developed, and it may be off putting for some. 
Latest news is this that this fall is closed you have to check for details.

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