Tad Pha Suam Waterfall ,Salavanh,Laos

Address -: Tad Pha Suam Waterfall ,Pakse in Bachieng District , Salavanh Province ,Laos (Near Thailand)

This majestic waterfall, located 33 kilometres north of Pakse in Bachieng District, gets its name from its rectangular room-like shape, as “suam” literally means “room” in Lao. The falls stand about 6 metres high and flow all year round from the Houai Champi River as it descends across the Bolaven Plateau from the north in Salavanh Province. The beauty of this waterfall is mesmerizing and offers a great spot to spend a lazy afternoon and enjoy a picnic or dine at the nearby restaurant of the Uttayan Bachieng Resort. You can also stay here overnight in either the resort’s unique tree-top bungalows or the cultural setting of a family homestay in an on-site ethnic Lavae village.

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