Tad Champi Waterfall ,Paksong , Laos

Address -: Tad Champi Waterfall (Tad Thum Jum pee) ,Road 16E between Pakse and Paksong , Laos Near Thailand 

It’s a beautiful, tranquil place for a refreshing swim—it’s not impossible to find yourself alone here. Caution against going too close to the cascade as people heard there is a strong whirlpool. It’s possible to carefully make your way behind the curtain of water.
Not to be confused with Tad Champee along Road 20 to Tad Lo, Tad Champi is the least developed of the falls along Road 16E between Pakse and Paksong. Aside from paid parking and a few vendors selling drinks, there’s nothing else except to take the steps down and it’s a choice between going the long way or taking a short cut down a steep rickety ladder. The trail to the water’s edge is slick and muddy. 

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