Tad Alang Waterfall ,Southern Laos

Address -: Tad Alang Waterfall ,Sekong Province ,Bolaven Plateau ,Southern Laos

Tad (pronounced ‘taahd’)is the Lao word for waterfall and in this landlocked, river-veined country, tads are everywhere. The Bolaven Plateau, in the southern Laos, with its dozens of small tributaries to the mighty Mekong and the layers of limestone dropping off suddenly in the middle of jungle vines, is a particularly rich region for waterfalls. We were craving some of this wild, natural scenery and the Bolaven Plateau seemed like a perfect place to start.

Is  also known for its many beautiful waterfalls. Everyone who visits seems to have a different favorite, but Tad Alang is one of the best.Tad Alang creates a beautiful mist that often forms rainbows.

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