Sopona Lake ,Himachal Pardesh ,INDIA

Address -:  Sopona Lake ,Lahaul – Spiti , Himachal Pardesh ,India 

Sopona Lake is about 5 KMs of medium difficulty trek from Mane Gongma village having steep gradient at places initially. Sopona lake is glacial melt lake and water in it becomes less as the snow melt decrease in later days of the season. It takes about 3-3.5 Hrs to reach Sopona lake from Mane village for an average person like me who is not used to trekking at all and the trek route passes through the grazing fields Doksa offering some panoramic aerial views of Dhangkar side valley from the vantage points on the route. You can take a local villager of the Mane village with you, in case you are interested and they will charge around 800-1000 for the day.

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