Sissu waterfall ,Lahaul ,Himachal Pardesh ,INDIA

Address -: Sissu waterfall – Lahaul , Himachal Pardesh ,INDIA

Sissu (also known as Khagling) is a small town in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is around 90 km from Manali and located on the right bank of Chandra river.It is 3,120 m (10,235 ft) above sea level. It is 14 km (9 miles) from Khoksar to the south-east and 11 km. (7 miles) west to Gondhla.

The view of waterfall across the river and opposite the town is locally known as 'Palden Lhamo dhar' is particularly spectacular. The adjacent village of Shashin is home of the famous deity of Lahaul known as Ghepan/Ghepang or Lord Gyephang. The mountain, Gyephang Goh, altitude 5,870 m. (19,258 ft.), to the east of the town is named after him.

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