Sherman Falls ,Ontario, Canada

Address -: Sherman Falls , Ancaster Heights, the western end of Hamilton, Ontario ,Canada

Sherman Falls is a 17 metre high curtain waterfall found in Ancaster Heights, the western end of Hamilton, OntarioCanada. The watercourse is Ancaster Creek. Alternative names for the Sherman Falls include; Smith's Falls and Whitton Falls.
To reach Sherman Falls exit the 403 at the Rousseaux Street exit. Take a right onto Wilson Street, a left onto Montgomery Street, and a right onto Old Dundas Road. You will reach a stop sign where Old Dundas takes a sharp right. The dirt road in front of you is Lions Club Road. Park there. The falls are in the woods to your left. They are just visible from the road through the trees.
This is a very pretty waterfall. The rock here is much smoother than at most of the waterfalls in the area, and the water slides down the two tiers in a very graceful fashion.

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