Prskalo Waterfall ,Serbia ,Europe

Address -: Prskalo Waterfall ,Kučaj Mountains ,Nekudovo River Valley ,Eastern area of Serbia ,Europe

This waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is 780 meters above sea level, in the Kucaj Mountains, in the eastern side of Serbia.17 km away from the nearest paved road,  It is called Prskalo Waterfall, which can be translated as “spatter” or “splashed”. This name was received due to a plurality of droplets, which bounce off the stones at the bottom.
The waterfall is frequently compared with a skillfully carved sculpture. The dome of Prskalo is composed of tufa layers, so a thin stream of water joyously runs down from the height of 15 meters, and through the narrow channels it is sprayed down. The cute waterfall is located on the slopes of South Kucaj, in a valley of Nekudovo river. Nearby there is a water source, which is surrounded by lush moss and dark green. It seems that this place is a piece of untouched nature. Actually, consequently, it is not popularized. Although, due to the fact that it is close to the road, waterfall still entices passers.
Due to it’s unusual look and uniqueness, it has become famous worldwide among nature lovers.

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