Polylimnio Waterfalls ,Messenia, Greece

Address -: Polylimnio Waterfalls(Kadoula Lake) ,Charavgi ,Messenia Region , Greece

Polylimnio Waterfall is located in Messenia Region. This is Kadoula Lake. In Greek, the word kardoula means small heart; the word its name was derived from.
 it would be a unique experience. dense vegetation everywhere, lush greenery and swarmed around lakes with beautiful waters and kataraktes. Arriving in Kadi couldn't not boytixw in kristalina waters although. This will Worth the trip, but you wants a little attention, especially in the download (but not something awesome) and to take water with you because you will need it especially to the return that is the path uphill ... One negative is the dirt road in the last 500 meters to the entrance of the monopatioy, which should have provided for hundreds of visitors each summer. 
You can swim in this lake.

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