Pinaisara Falls, Iriomote, Okinawa, Japan

Address -: Pinaisara Falls, Iriomote, Okinawa, Japan 

Pinaisara Falls’ name describes its resemblance to an old man’s beard, although in the case of the tallest waterfall in Okinawa, those would be some long 55-meter (about 181 feet) whiskers. Located in Funaura Bay on Iriomote Island, there are three ways to reach this natural attraction: 1) by foot, 2) by canoe, or 3) by sightseeing boat (in order of most to least rigorous). No matter which way you choose to reach this beautiful natural scene, there will be walking involved, so this is definitely not an activity for those who will have difficulty with this. Another thing to note, as with all falls, is the changing water level at the base pool.

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