Paradise Falls, Skamania, Washington ,USA

Address -: Paradise Falls, Skamania County, Washington ,USA

Paradise Falls is a spectacular broad, sheer plunge type waterfall along Clearwater Creek found just outside of the area in which the trees were killed during the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. The falls plunge 126 feet in a broad sheet of water, streching on average about 55 feet in width, over an amphitheater cliff of andesite which displays some poorly formed columnar jointing. Though few instances of waterfall measurements by the USGS , Paradise Falls seems to have been one of the few; the 1998 Smith Creek Butte quadrangle indicating the falls as dropping 133 feet in contrast to our measurement of 126 feet. It's possible that since the USGS's measurement was taken, the streambed above the falls had been scoured further to bedrock which may have reduced the height of the falls slightly since 1980.

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