North Clear Creek Falls , USA

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Address -:  North Clear Creek Falls San Juan Mountains Colorado ,USA   

North Clear Creek Falls was a waterfall that we wound up going a bit out of the way for even though it was said to be a pretty easy-to-visit drive-to waterfall. Indeed, as you can see from the photo above that the effort to make it to the falls was richly rewarding as we witness this 100ft or so gushing waterfall produce some faint rainbows at its base. The pretty healthy flow of North Clear Creek was fed by the meltwaters of the high altitude mountains of the San Juan Mountain Range near Slumguillion Pass (around 11,500ft) and Spring Creek Pass (around 10,500ft). By the way, that claim seen on the National Park Service website that the Tioga Pass at just under 10,000ft being the highest mountain pass in the lower 48 states was obviously incorrect given the existence of these neighboring mountain passes in the Gunnison National Forest (note that the falls sat in the Rio Grande National Forest).

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