Merloquet Falls ,Zamboanga, Philippines

Address -: Merloquet Falls , Sibulao Brgy Rd, Zamboanga, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

It was an awe-inspiring sight, well, except for the bathers who have crowded the base of Merloquet Falls in Zambaonga City but still, it is something that you can’t forget: Wide curtain, beautiful rock face and water dropping on an elevated but flat rock base that becomes a platform for bathers.      Merloquet Falls is actually a two tiered waterfalls with the upper level located around 50 meters from the main cascade. This upper tier is stunning, with an inclined rock face with five separate but low cascades. The water stream into a shallow basin then flows downstream into the main waterfall in a wide curtain.
If you’re adventurous enough, both tiers is connected with a rather difficult trail with only a thick rope for support. You can even stand above the main falls and look at the people down below. A steep trail is located at the left side.The main cascade is really beautiful. The flow is wide but instead of a single drop, you have a varied rock face that gives the waterfall its beauty: at the left has a higher fall then a flat rock platform, the right side is another rock form that gives it volume.

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