Marmore Waterfalls , Terni TR, Italy

Address -: Marmore Waterfalls , Vocabolo Cascata, 05100 Marmore, Terni TR, Italy

At about 8 km from the city of Terni, this waterfall is among the highest in Europe with a 165-metre drop. The origin of the name comes from the calcium salts present in the rocks which make them look like marble. It is incredibly a man-made work by the ancient Romans who designed this hydraulic system to drain the stagnant and marshy waters of the river Velino into the river Nera.
It is important to know that the water of the fall is used to supply a hydroelectric plant, so the drop is visible in its maximum flow only at scheduled times. The Marmore Falls can be reached from two different points: one is Belvedere Superiore (Vocabolo Cascata 30, Marmore), while the second is Belvedere Inferiore (Piazzale Felice Fatati No. 6, Collestatte Piano). You can move from one viewpoint to the other taking a footpath, or alternatively by car or bus service.

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