Lulugayan Falls, Calbiga, Philippines

Address -: Lulugayan Falls,Literon, Calbiga, Wester Samar , Calbiga, Philippines

The mountainous area of Calbiga and see for ourselves Lulugayan Falls. The term “lologayan” or “lulugayan” came from the waray-waray root word “logay” meaning to unfold a braided long hair.  The term probably came from a legend of a maiden who frequently visited the place to rinse her long hair.  Lulugayan Falls is is said to have originated from Calidongan Lake to which the water goes down the Calbiga River.
 It took as an hour or so before reached the jump-off site.
From the registration area, a 740 meter trail awaits to saunter for approximately twenty to thirty minutes well before you see the waterfalls.

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