Jogini falls ,Manali ,Himachal pardesh ,India

Address -: Jogini falls – Manali ,Himachal pardesh ,INDIA

A little ahead of Vashisht Hot Springs on the way to Vashist village, the breathtaking Jogini falls is a must visit. The small trek leading upto this clearing is fairly easy and definitely worth the effort. Navigating craggy paths though the ancient village is a memorable experience in itself. If you plan to spend a few hours in the midst of nature,  packing in a hearty picnic basket would be a good idea. The first sight of the falls is astonishing to say the least. Abruptly flowing through a cluster of small hills, the falls are the perfect backdrop for an afternoon picnic. Take in the beauty, serenity and quiet surrounding the place and enjoy the warm sun as you dig into some local delicacies. The shops lining the area sell authentic Himachali food.

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