Isola del Liri Waterfall ,Frosinone ,Italy

Address -: Isola del Liri Waterfall ,Isola del Liri ,Lazio, Frosinone ,Italy

As the name suggest Isola del Liri is located in the heart of the Liri Valley, a fertile basin embracing this small town and through which the water flows quietly and serenely along green riverbanks which lap the most ancient part of the old town centre.The mythical Liri has always characterized and accompanied the life of this part of the Ciociaria. It starts higher up at Sora and heads languidly towards the old territory of the Reign of Naples and the waters of the Fibreno, both of which enrich other small towns such as Posta Fibreno and Vicalvi.
People here boast that this is the real Ciociaria. It is where Caius Marius was born, a famous foe of the dictator Silla. To be precise in 'Cereatae Marianae' an idyllic hamlet along the river where today's Abbey of Casamari sits. You can still see the ancient paved road and a single arched bridge over the Amaseno tributary.
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