Fukuroda Falls, Fukuroda, Japan

Address -: Fukuroda Falls ,Ibaraki Prefecture, Kuji District, Daigo, Fukuroda, JAPAN

Fukuroda Falls are located in DaigoIbaraki Prefecture Japan. The Taki River has its source spring just above the falls. The river flows through the falls and ultimately joins a major Kuji river .
As it has been named as one of the three most beautiful waterfalls in Japan there is never a bad time to come take it in; in fact, the locals claim that you have to see it in all four seasons in order to really grasp its beauty. During the summer it is framed with thick, green foliage; in the winter it partially freezes into a delicate glass sculpture; the spring brings new flowers and increased volume from rains; but the added contrast of the red leaves in autumn against the coursing water definitely increases its popularity by quite a margin.

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